Cosmetic acupuncture

Acupuncture is not a new method to protect and promote health, but did you know that acupuncture can also help restore and rejuvenate the skin?

1. What is cosmetic facial Acupuncture?

Cosmetic Acupuncture, also known as a facial rejuvenation therapy, is a safe, gentle and all-natural anti-aging method to enhance beauty and health.

Acupuncture helps soften skin, reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, increase firmness and promote blood circulation. In addition, acupuncture can also improve overall health, thereby helping to eliminate unpleasant skin problems such as acne.

Acupuncturists will use special techniques to puncture points on the face with specialized needles to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, to make the face firmer.

cosmetic facial acupuncture

2. The benefits of cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture can make you look younger

benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include:

  • Moisturizing the skin by increasing blood and lymph circulation to the face;
  • Firming facial muscles, increasing skin elasticity;
  • Helps lift sagging skin;
  • Fill in sunken areas of skin;
  • Remove small wrinkles and soften deep wrinkles;
  • Improve skin tone
  • Brightens eyes and helps lift droopy eyelids;
  • Stimulates collagen production;
  • Improve hormone balance to reduce acne;
  • Fades acne scars;
  • Reduce frown line and slow down the aging process from within;
  • Gives you a feeling of freshness, comfort and youthfulness.

Cosmetic acupuncture results

The ancients used acupuncture for nearly 5,000 years to treat a variety of ailments. Acupuncture has been around for generations and is used by billions of people to treat illnesses. Cosmetic acupuncture, especially for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles, has attracted great attention in Japan, Hong Kong and Sweden.

A 1996 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that out of 300 cases of facial acupuncture treatment, 90% of cases could see significant results immediately after the first treatment.

The results of acupuncture will vary depending on the physical condition and location of each person. The healthier you are and the better you take care of yourself, the faster and better results will come because you respond more quickly to treatment and the treatment will deliver the most optimal responses. .

3. Cosmetic acupuncture at 5E Wellness Lab

Our Cosmetic acupuncture sessions consist of cosmetic acupuncture, followed by a steam treatment, Face mask and facial massage.

Facial after acupuncture